Why are the Pistolas sensual?

Titles, man. We can waste hours (and, in the past, we have) coming up with titles. But we had to come up https://onedayessays.com with something. And our next show (Feb 13-15) plays during Valentine’s Day, and we already used A LATE, LATE BREAKFAST VALENTINE, LOVE NOTE, and POWER BALLAD. We were trying to come up with something with the word bouquet in it, when our fearless leader Amos (that’s how he sees himself, as if a hero bathed in sunlight. Which he is.) shouted Sensual Pistolas! And -oh- how we laughed. ‘Cause it’s a weird combination of Spanish words. But also sexy. And mysterious. And possibly romantic. But not only that, it’s almost Spanish for Love Gun. But not quite. Which we also thought was funny, you know? The idea that people might think we thought it was Spanish for Love Gun, but we just aren’t good at translating Engligh-to-Spanish. Maybe you had to be there. Anyway, we can’t go back now. And that is the story of SENSUAL PISTOLAS! And, also, ensemble member Pat Quinn loves KISS. Loves ‘em. And they have a song called Love Gun. So, if you know Pat Quinn, next time you see him you should ask him how much he loves KISS. That is all. HUGS!.

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