We Want the Mash-Up!

Indeed. You have once again spoken loudly, fans… We asked you to vote for the sketch you would most like to see us perform again in our season finale show… And you have chosen to have us remount a scene we call Smell Yo Ibsen… A mash-up of Hedda Gabler and… Well, we don’t want to ruin it for the hundreds of people who will see it from May 4th-7th during our season finale performances… “The mash-up” was voted for between 3 and 90000 times (I lost count after 3), and captured 75% of the https://termpaperservice.net overall vote… So congratulations fans… You win again! And, a little surprise… All those who voted for the mash-up… Free ticket for the show! Boom! And for everyone reading this, another surprise:

You’re welcome (but what will happen to Hedda Gabler? Find out! Only six more parts to go!)… And one last thing to be happy about… Concerning the upcoming show… Amos and Cliff may be shirtless! And I will leave you with that, lovelies… So you will dream sweetly… Perhaps of Cliff and Amos riding stallions, shirtless…

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