The End of Love

JennyClosing night malaise is beginning to set in… Tonight at 8pm, there is one last performance of the musical-sketch-comedy-masterpiece SENSUAL PISTOLAS… One last chance to see us grasp for comedic perfection (which is often found in the little imperfections we find night-to-night) and make laughter from whence there was none. But with the sadness that the end of SENSUAL PISTOLAS (and with that, probably the end of love itself) brings, there is also great joy in knowing we (metaphorically) blew the roof off of the theatre every night and brought joy to all (most?) in attendance. Thanks to those who’ve already attended our l’il show and those who will attend tonight… And a big high-five to our killer cast and one-man-army of a technician (Ryan ‘Sticky Pants’ Hildebrandt)… So let us all relish in this final night for love, music, and laughter… See you tonight…Ayla & PatAmos-2Cat Card

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