Corey Feldman in Stand by Me and the Goonies. And John Hurt in From the Hip.

Rockwell in Galaxy Quest

Cazale in Dog day

David Thewlis in Naked

Bill Murray in Kingpin

Newman in Cool Hand

Jeff daniels in Something Wild

Ruffalo in Eternal Sunshine

Moranis in ghostbusters

Kline in Wanda

Ritter in the episodes where he played his texan cousin

Hank Kingsley in Larry Sanders. Costanza in Seinfeld

Theatre: Cyrano. Mac in You Can’t Take it w. you.

I’ve heard dennis reynolds or Adam Goldberg’s character in Dazed…Anthony Michael hall in 16 candles. Adam Scott’s part in Party Down. Griffin Dunne in After Hours.



Amos, what’s your favourite word?

In English? Incandescent. But of all time, regardless of language? Pamplemousse.

what’s your least favourite word.

There’s a derogatory word for homosexuals that I dislike… I believe its actual definition is a bundle of sticks… Any hate-crime word is pretty terrible… I don’t like the word fecal, either…Or gunt… Laundry… Wednesday… There’s a few… Or mispronounced words… Prob’ly is a big one… It’s probably, you simple fools!


What profession, other than your own would you like to attempt.

If my current profession is “artist”, then we’re using the word profession quite liberally. But let’s say that I am a “professional writer” or “Oscar and Latin-Grammy winning performer”… I’d want to be a GM of a sports team or the commissioner of a sports league or two.

what profession would you absolutely not like to attempt?

Pretty much anything else… But soldier would probably be on the top of that list… Or anyone who has to clean up fecal matter…

What would you like to hear god say as you arrive at the pearly gates?

I don’t think either of us would say anything… We’d both just give each other looks of suspicious disbelief.

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